Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are the Twenty20 World Cup Champions !!!

Little words can express the happiness with which I celebrate the fact that Pakistan are the World Champions of the Twenty20 world cup. To have defeated Sri Lanka with a comfortable margin of eight wickets and many balls to spare. Pakistan erupted with a roar of celebrations heard not only in Pakistan but practically every corner of the world where Pakistanis were watching this match.

This victory in my opinion was not only a sporting victory but a godsend for a nation which has been bogged down for months of uncertainty and choas, if anything, the 11 players won it to revive the ailing heartbeat of an entire Pakistani nation, for which we shall be forever grateful.

A lot can be said about this captivating moment but what will be cherished is to have watched the smiles return back onto the faces of our people. Following the match I too headed onto to the streets of Karachi to celebrate and it was festive watching ecstatic carefree people dancing on the streets and chanting to Pakistani songs unified under the green and white flag, a sight to cherish with the hope that this patriotism could be harnessed forever.

On our digital sphere the e-rally was a tremendous success and we happily watched the twitter hashtag #PakCricket touching the 5th trending topic, meaning that it was the 5th most talked about subject anywhere across the millions of users on twitter.com. Shout out to each and every Pakistani who was a part of this digital rally and left a positive mark for Pakistan

Lets savor this moment, lets keep the terrorists away and move forward. Id now love to welcome the team home but I dread an untoward incident in the making, so maybe a short word of advise to te PCB Chairman Mr. Ejaz Butt, please avoid a grand public reception for the victorious team and maybe instead organize a grand reception televised across Pakistan so that everyone can celebrate along.

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