Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazing Journey of a Pakistani Author to Amazon

Ashraf Chaudhry, Pakistan’s Number 1 Sales Trainer and Author of “The Craft of Selling Yourself” has finally made it as his book is available for sale at the largest online shopping store.

Here is an inspirational story in his own words.
Thank you Linkedin, you have taken me to Amazon! What Next? As a Business Executive, I never realized the importance of social media like Linkedin and Facebook. When I jumped into my own business of corporate trainings and consultancy, a friend of mine advised me to join Linkedin. I opened an account and started building my contacts.My book The Craft of Selling “Yourself” was self-published in Pakistan in November 2008 and I opened Linkedin account when the book was in printing. Now interesting story starts.....

I sent mass emails (inclusive of my new friends at Linkedin) for marketing of my book. On 4th January 2009, I was sleeping at 11 pm when my cell phone started buzzing. My wife picked the phone and nudging me she said, “The caller's number does not seem familiar and I think call is from out of Pakistan”. In groggy voice, I said, “Hello”. The caller responded, “Sorry Ashraf, I awoke you from sleep. I am Muhammad Siddique calling from Atlanta, USA”.

I said, “It is all right but Mr. Siddique, I could not recognize you”. He said, “A few days back, you added me in Linkedin (” . Although I could not immediately re-call, but I said in courtesy, “Oh, yes, how are you Siddique?” He said, “Ashraf I am fine, thank you. I am Atlanta-based publisher ( ) and I received an email about your book The Craft of Selling “Yourself”. If you want, I can publish it in USA”. By hearing his words, I could not hide my excitement and I said, “Am I watching dream?”. He said, “Ashraf, you are very much awake now and you are not watching dream; we are actually talking.” “Thank you Siddique, what you want me to do?” I asked. “Please send me soft copy of the book and I will get back to you after editorial review”. I was very much excited about this and the only fear that my wife raised was that sending soft copy to an unknown person can be risky. However, after initial debate we both decided to send soft copy to Siddique.

After a week, I received reply from Siddique with the comments of his editorial board as, “Overall, the book is in great shape”. I was quite happy to read such comments. Siddique told me that he would be sending an agreement for signing. Once agreement is signed, team will start working on it. I received draft of agreement and terms seemed quite fair. I signed agreement and things started.

We worked as team for three months. We started fresh editing, proofreading, designing, composing, endorsements and slight changes in the manuscript. Believe me, my wife had many fights with me and I had many fights with the publisher’s staff along our way to make The Craft of Selling “Yourself” possibly immaculate. I secured more international endorsements from people like Dr. Nido Qubein, Ron Kaufman, Bob Urichuck and Stephen Reynolds. I appreciate that Linkedin always helped me to discover such wonderful people.

On 16th April 2009, TRCB put up proposal to, on Mother’s Day, my publisher ( Mr. Siddique of again awoke me from sleep to congratulate. I heard his voice, “Ashraf, I am sorry; I am again waking you from sleep. Congratulations, log on to Amazon, The Craft of Selling “Yourself” is up.”

Thank you Linkedin, you gave me angel like Muhammad Siddique who has taken me from nowhere to Amazon. Trust me, book is very much there .

P.S: “You” are the most valuable product on earth. Your talent and your skills are all unique. The Craft of Selling “Yourself” guides you to formulate a road map to claim best price on “Yourself”. It is a wonderful resource on job-hunting, as one of the endorsers, say, “No one should remain jobless after reading this book”.

P.P.S: Free download of first chapter A ‘Loser’ Catches the Train is available at

P.P.P.S: I am great beneficiary of Linkedin, my networking will continue non-stop (

Ashraf Chaudhry

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